Sunny Day Global, LLC is a trading company based in San Antonio, TX.  We procure quality food ingredients and spices from around the world for our customers.  Since May of 2012 we have successfully built relationships with honest and trustworthy suppliers across the globe.
Our Mission
Products We Offer
Black Cardamom
Whole Chilies, with or without stems
Crushed Chili
Ground Chili
Ceylon Cinnamon
Cumin Seed
Ground Cumin
Fennel Seeds
Ground Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Ground Fenugreek
Dried Ginger
Ground Ginger
Ground Turmeric
Ground Nutmeg
Celery Seeds
Pumpkin Seed (Semilla de Calabaza)
Black Beans (Frijol Negro)
Pinto Beans (Frijol Pinto)
Flor de Mayo Beans (Frijol Flor de Mayo)
Canary Beans (Frijol Peruano Higuera)
Sprinkles (Grajea)
White Hominy (Maiz Pozolero Blanco)
Purple Hominy (Maiz Pozolero Morado)
Lima Beans (Haba)
Chickpeas (Garbanzo)
Small Lentils (Lenteja Chica)
Large Lentils (Lenteja Grande)
Ground Toasted Corn (Pinole)
Dried Hibiscus Flower (Jamaica)
Shredded Coconut (Coco Rayado)
Japanese Garlic (Ajo Japones)
Textured Soy (Soya Texturizada)
Corn Husk (Hoja Para Tamal)
Sea Salt (Sal de Mar)
Tamarind (Tamarindo)
Chile Ancho
Chile Mirasol
Chile Cascabel
Chile Puya
Chile Morita
Sunny Day Global, LLC
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